Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Dear My Friends,
Happy Valentine's Day !
Valentines Day is a day to express your love, and to celebrate the spirit of love. I'm giving you an E-book on Love. Hope you like it.
Love is All About YOU! A collection of quotes, sayings, advice and tips on loving the most important person in the world - YOU!Just Click here for direct download of the ebook
Here are some Valentine's Day poems that I personally like very much and would like to share with you all.
I Wish You Were My Valentine
I wish you were my ValentineThough I may not be yours,And I may, in my ignorance,Be speaking to closed doors.
I have no inkling of your heart,No hint what you might say;But when I think of you the sunWill just not go away.There is in you a lovelinessThat makes my darkness shine,And so I'll wait, if wait I must,To be your Valentine.
Be My Valentine, My Love
Be my Valentine, my love,As I will be for you,And we will love the whole day long,And love our whole lives through.
For love has no parametersAnd does not end with time,But is the gift of paradise,A pinch of the sublime.
So let us take this holidayTo resubmit our loveTo those within that know no sinAnd with the angels move.
Valentine's for Mothers, Too
Valentine's for mothers, too-A time to celebrateLove in all its symphony,Each gift of fertile fate.No pasture is more rich in grass;The sea is not so full;In heaven all the stars are notNear so plentiful,Each mother's heart to fill.
Valentine's for Lovers and for Friends
Valentine's for lovers and for friends.All my love goes out to you this day!Love is something different from desire:Even, silent, peaceful as the sky.Nor is love interested in means or ends.There are no selfish needs that it must weigh.Instead, love's plenitude itself inspires,Needing neither cause nor reason why.Each day my thoughts enchanted with you lie.

Valentine's A Day to Say, "I Love You"
Valentine's a day to say, "I love you,"A ritual that stages something real,
Letting out the truth of what I feel
Even as I think it often of you.
Nor could I with such grace without this day
Tell you that I'm grateful that I have you,
Impress upon you just how much I need you,
Needing such a frame for what I say
Even as I would my heart reveal.


Suliman said...

Hello, Scarlet al-Ghali..a! :-)

Welcome to the blogosphere! Now I can be up to date on what my niece is up to. And happy V-day to you, too. No roses, please, but we sure could do with some sunshine!

Love, S.

scarlet said...

Oh sweet dear Uncle,

you are the one for me, the best of all,

love u all.